The Casey Neistat phenomenon

Remco Bron
The Casey Neistat phenomenon

As some of you might know I’m a fan of Casey Neistat. I’m proud to say I’ve been following Casey from before his days as a vlogger when he was creating movies which would be posted maybe twice a month, if you were lucky. Then he started using Snapchat and Snapchat stories which I think gave him the inspiration to later start Beme. From Snapchat he moved on to daily vlogging on July 24th, 2014 until now.

His daily vlogging was – as far as I can analyze as a bystander – actually a clever plan to get more attention for the imminent Beme launch. The vlogs were short stories with an intertwined long story of this startup he was working on. After launch he vlogged about it all the time, and in my view actually caused some over exposure to his vlog fans. For me at least he was talking about it too much and I actually stopped watching for a couple of months picking it up after the Beme hurricane quieted down. Now he never talks about it again.

But this was not the point I wanted to talk about. What I find interesting is other YouTube-ers who started to deeply analyze and talk about his style of vlogging almost to the extreme where you might think he is some type of Spielberg or?Scorsese of YouTube. I’m not saying he isn’t because looking at how many people are now copying his style (or little brat YouTube-ers claiming Casey copied them – right?MarzBarVlogs?) he might well be one of the most serious forces to recon with on YouTube (and YouTube knows it, as well do other brands like Samsung and recently Listerine who fund his projects).

Want to see some clips of Casey being analysed? Check out Nerdwriter1 for example who does an excellent job:

Or This Guy Edits who even goes – maybe too – far naming some edit techniques ‘Neistat style edits’:

But there is also more fan videos either making fun of Casey, or perhaps imitating him, or perhaps using it as clickbait, but definitely trying to ride his coat tails. I’m talking about Sara Dietschy.

Oh! Want to know my first Casey Neistat video I saw. Well there is two actually. I stumbled upon ‘how to fly business class all the time’ video first and then dove into some research to find the Casey Neistat office tour video which I loved for honesty and for it’s cruel effectiveness.

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